The cornerstones of the MAILmedia philosophy are environmentally friendly production, local production, top quality as well as strength and service from the market leader. German Version
Envirelope is the world first envelope that combines all aspects of environmental protection. Both aesthetically and from a quality perspective, this envelope cannot be distinguished from envelopes made from normal fibre paper.
MAILmedia - more than "just" an envelope

Way back in 1820 the British paper merchant Brewer was folding a piece of paper, wrapping it around a letter and sealing it
and thus the prototype of an envelope was born. Now we are in the 3rd millennium and that early effort has given birth to
a great many descendants.

Inserting wallet or safety wallet – today's envelopes are only distantly related with the original one. However, we are still talking about ‘envelopes’ even today. The companies of the Mayer-Kuvert-network have decided that the envelope concept is out of date and therefore the Europe-wide leading manufacturer has now launched the "MAILmedia" era.  

Discover the philosophy behind MAILmedia!
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